Why call upon the Selexium Group ?

As professionals, our expertise is our guideline. Our objective is to accompany you as well as possible throughout your project and to ensure you a satisfaction without fault. To do so, we advocate proximity and trust between the client and his advisor. Each interlocutor is an actor of the project and every effort is made to respect your wishes as closely as possible. Reliability and quality of advice and work are key values of the Selexium group for the guarantee of an optimal success. Working together to work efficiently.

Selexium accompanies you at each step of your project

Develop your estate

Investing in brick and mortar is still today a safe and much appreciated investment. Several objectives can be aimed at, but the main one remains the creation or development of wealth, useful to the investor today and to his descendants tomorrow.

Optimize your investment by opting for real estate tax exemption

Real estate tax exemption is a way for the State to give a boost to property buyers in areas considered to be in need. Several mechanisms are put in place and provide access to significant tax benefits.

Choose the right property

Once the nature of the real estate investment has been determined, it is not always easy to find or choose the right property for you. A good investment, adapted to your desires and your needs and above all that is profitable. This is why it is essential to take the time to choose your property correctly.

Obtain the best conditions for your real estate loan

A good borrowing profile will always obtain the best borrowing rates on the market. You still need to know the quality of your file and the weighty arguments to use during the negotiation. It is important to surround yourself with competent professionals to help you in your efforts.

What other financial investments are available to me?

Financial investments benefit from advantageous interest rates and are therefore often more profitable than other more traditional savings systems such as the Livret A passbook savings account, for example. Nevertheless, it is very important to surround yourself with good professionals who provide quality advice so as not to risk making a bad transaction.

Quality post-investment follow-up

Because proximity and reliability are two of our core values, our teams do not leave you to your own devices after you have invested. We follow you in your steps according to your needs and remain at your side, listening to you for your first tax returns for example.

We help you to find the rental investment adapted to your project

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Our experts at your service

With recognized diplomas and certifications, our experts ensure you a quality service to meet your expectations. They accompany you in the optimization and management of your assets, to reduce your taxes or to build up your assets and pass them on to you.

Financial investments : The best 2021 financial products

Building an asset base also means diversifying your investments. This is why our experts in wealth management select for you the best financial investments on the market so that you can make your savings grow.

Wealth management

Our experts carry out a first assessment for you in order to help you define your patrimonial objectives, then, to reach them, whatever they are:

  • Develop your real estate or financial assets
  • Reduce your taxes
  • Prepare for your retirement and protect your loved ones

Wealth management consultant

The privileged interlocutor for your projects. He accompanies you in the management and optimization of your assets. For any question or information, he will be your main contact.

Real estate tax exemption

Do you want to reduce your taxes by going through a real estate tax exemption system? We put all our expertise at your service to help you choose the system that will be best suited to your situation.

Tax lawyer

As an expert in tax law, he advises you in your projects in compliance with the regulations in force. His objective: to develop specialized patrimonial solutions and to settle possible litigations.


As a public officer and legal advisor, he brings all his expertise in the fields of real estate law and patrimonial transmission.

Finance your project with a real estate loan

You wish to quickly realize a real estate project? Our brokerage experts will put their professional skills at your service to find the most advantageous real estate credit rate that best suits your borrowing profile. Calling upon a real estate broker is the assurance of saving time and facilitating many procedures, most of which are complex for young buyers.

Selexium’s teams favour trust and proximity to the client to ensure that they find the personalized solution that comes closest to the investor’s desires. Trust us and follow the evolution of the rates applied in all regions of France according to the different projects.

Real estate broker

Its role: to help you save money by finding the best conditions on the mortgage market and to provide you with expert advice on financial arrangements adapted to your situation.

Chartered Accountant

As a true partner of proximity, he accompanies you in the accounting, legal, tax and social fields. Its mission: to optimize your assets by helping you make the right decisions.

Invest in real estate in France

Develop your estate

Anyone with the capacity to invest has an interest in building up and developing a real estate portfolio. This with the aim of generating future earnings and thus obtain additional income to improve their standard of living in the short, medium and long term, or simply to ensure their future and that of their descendants.

The development of assets can be done in different ways, through real estate investment or various financial investments. In each situation, the professionals of the Selexium group are at your service to offer you adapted and personalized support.

Investing your money

How to invest your money? In addition to real estate investment, investing money, if well accompanied, can be a profitable and interesting savings solution. Several sources of investment are available to you. Their interest varies according to your objectives. Desired duration of commitment, expected gain, conditions to be respected will be as many criteria that will define the quality of the investments according to your profile.

Passing on your estate

Anticipate your inheritance: preparing your estate in advance makes it easier for your descendants to take the necessary steps and ensures that the wishes we apply are our own. Whatever your plans are, Selexium’s experts will try to find the most suitable means to fulfill your wishes, during your lifetime or after your death.

Tax exemption

Why and how to tax exemption? When making a targeted real estate investment, it is important to take into account the different possibilities of tax exemption. Indeed, it is a major asset in a project, which can increase the profitability of a property and generate savings for the buyer. There are many real estate tax exemption laws in force, affecting a large geographical area and all types of property.

Preparing for retirement

How to prepare for retirement? Leaving active life can scare some taxpayers. A drop in income and, consequently, in the standard of living can be anticipated. Optimizing your income to prepare for your retirement is an effort that should be made today. Let us help you create your personalized solution to reach your long-term goal: enjoy higher income and be serene when the time comes.

Wealth management

Efficiently administering one’s assets, optimizing one’s asset management so as to always keep an eye on current investments and their profitability is essential in a long-term project. Our professionals, close to you and experts in their field will put all their know-how at your disposal to manage your assets correctly and efficiently.

Protect your loved ones

How can we guarantee their financial security? Because it is important to protect oneself and one’s loved ones against potential life’s setbacks, insurance is a solution favored by the French, whatever the circumstances. Like housing insurance or job loss insurance, there is also family insurance. We offer adapted solutions in partnership with recognized insurers, at preferential rates.

We help you make your assets grow

Choosing Selexium means choosing to be accompanied by experts in wealth management, able to support you during all the stages of your estate project. Whether you wish to invest your money, develop or transfer your wealth, tax exemption, prepare your retirement, or protect your loved ones, our experts in wealth engineering will guide you towards the solutions best suited to your objectives.

If you choose to invest in real estate, they will advise you from the beginning to the end of the project, directing you towards the tax exemption system that best suits your needs. They can even help you discover certain new properties, or accompany you in your administrative procedures, particularly with regard to taxes.

Our advisers will also be present when it is a question of accompanying you to finance your project by helping you to find the best market conditions for your real estate loan. And of course, they will also be able to offer you the best financial investments in relation to your profile and your personal situation. It is by working hand in hand with you that our wealth management experts will be able to advise you in the best possible way and help you develop your assets.